Cooking Book For Kids (Sample)

Title : Cooking Book For kids (actualy, undecided yet!)

Client : Anggie, Jakarta

This is a sample drawing for anggie, who’s making a book about cooking for kids.

Still on progress, but its a good idea to teach children how to cook, it will be a lot of fun!! 😀



Children Book illustration (cover): Ghina, Balai Pustaka

Title : Ghina kenangan dibalik operasi face off

Client : Balai Pustaka, Publiser, Jakarta

Size: 30 x 21

Concept :

Warm And dramatical, reflect to “Ghina” (name of a girl) before and after facial surgery. to be honest i never read this novel, so…. hope it is a good novel.

There is two alternatives blue and green sky, and they pick the green one.




Old character design

Karakter lama, diambil dari blogspotku yang gak pernah di update hehehehe.





Paragraf’s Character

Cartoon Staff Character of Paragraf Integrated Visual Communication.


T-shirt design on (2)

T-Shirt design on

This is my t-shirt design that being sale on If you like it, you can visit the site and purchase them. adalah site couple stuff, jadi konsepnya tentang cinta dan pasangan, beberapa konsep selanjutnya lagi dalam pengerjaan, jadi tunggu saja ya…

Noosa Music Poster

Title : The Great Noosa Camp Out

Client : Yuni CK